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    The Morning Show with Paul Horton, and Melissa & Major

    How did I end up in radio? Great question. Short long story…

    ​Just another guy. Born in Troy, AL. Raised in Montgomery, AL. Graduated from Robert E Lee sometime back in the 80ish era. Went to college in Lakeland, FL where I met my beautiful wife, Kristian, from New Orleans. Married in 1992. Two wonderful daughters, Alyssa(22) & Alaina(19), who know that I am tightly wrapped around their fingers.

    In 2005, while living in New Orleans, we experienced the wrath of Miss Hurricane Katrina. We were displaced and found ourselves in Colorado Springs, CO. With the absolute beauty of God’s creation in the Mountain Range and cold weather, I thought it best to find a job closed up in a dark studio. Started working in Christian radio and some time shortly after, moved back to Montgomery. Worked in radio, music, and media for the last decade on and off. About 4 years ago, found myself back in radio again and felt a lot more comfortable behind the mic.

    What I love most about radio is the opportunity to encourage and help many, who simply need a positive message and great music. Opportunities to do something good and help people are all around us. All it takes is looking and listening and doing.


    The Morning Crew – Melissa & Major

    Join us Weekdays, 6am-10am with Paul Horton and Melissa & Major for a morning of fun! We talk about Showbiz, Trending Topics, News Updates, and every now and then, some crazy stuff like a Cheez Ball Challenge. Follow us on @mix1033mgy on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.


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